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Everything I face in life I look at as another opportunity for growth. My experiences have made me who I am today so there is no adventure too big or too small for me endure. I am a hard-working mother of three children, a devoted wife, and a person in long-term recovery from addiction, trauma, abuse, and body dysmorphia.
- Amanda Marino, B.S. , CLC, CRC, BIST
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  • Lindsay
    When I first met Amanda she immediately put me at ease and made me feel as comfortable as possible. Amanda was wonderful to work with because she was always “guiding” me rather than “pushing” me. Based on what my personal wants and needs were, we established goals that we could process and work on together. She encouraged me with her own personal experience, strength, and hope. I never felt alone in my journey and I’m grateful for the understanding, support, and encouragement that Amanda showed me when I needed it the most.
  • Lee
    Going through a challenging time with your loved one is agonizing. Having Amanda as a support helped us get through it before, during and after.   She guided us through the pre-intervention and answered all our questions, all while supporting us as a family.  Amanda Always answered my texts and calls and was professional and compassionate.
    I highly recommend Amanda as an interventionist because she cares about you and your loved one, and she gets the job done.
  • Allison, LCSW
    Amanda is an amazing example of an empowered woman and shares her strength with others by instilling courage and hope in helping others achieve their goals and dreams. She is a warrior and teaches others to be brave and change their lives and follow their dreams!
    Allison, LCSW
  • Brent, licensed Clinician
    Amanda is one of the kindest, most passionate about recovery, and most fierce women’s advocate I’ve ever known. She brings her own personal recovery experiences into inspiring others to do better and be better people. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone seeking help and will be excited to see the transformation that will occur
    Brent, licensed Clinician
  • Kelly
    I trust Amanda, her experience and her work with her clients. She helps women so much!
  • Dr. Delvena Thomas
    She’s wonderful! Her spirit, energy and passion for people
    Dr. Delvena Thomas

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